Healthy weight loss with the personalized diet plan of Vida180

Mit dem Diätplan von VidaVida können auch Sie gezielt und gesund abnehmen und mit der Unterstützung unserer professionellen Ernährungsexperten endlich Ihr Wunschgewicht erreichen. Die nachhaltigen Speisepläne werden von unseren zertifizierten Ernährungsberatern individuell unter Berücksichtigung Ihrer speziellen Bedürfnisse erstellt.


How It Works

Start With Your Free Diet Analysis

Take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle today. With our free diet analysis you will learn how Vida180 can help you achieve optimal health and your ideal weight.

Personalize Your Plan

From allergies, medical conditions to likes and dislikes. Your plan is completely personalized to your taste, preferences and needs by our expert team.

Lose Weight

Your flexible meal plan is designed so you consume the precise amount of calories and balanced nutrition to lose weight efficiently. Vida180 is designed to maximize your results while never leaving you hungry.

Success Stories

-22 lbs
Caryn F. lost: 22 lbs *

Caryn was thrilled with the results she saw after being on the Vida180 plan for four months. She had lost 22 lbs and was down to a size 10 pants.

-104 lbs
Henry E. lost: 104 lbs *

I feel great!

-50 lbs
Alexia J. lost: 50 lbs *

I have regained my momentum

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Potato Pancakes

360 Calories per serving

Waffles Topped with Peanut Butter

270 Calories per serving

Pancakes with Honey Ricotta Topping

Nutritional information per serving: 254 Cal,…

Beet and Goat Cheese Citrus Salad

Nutritional information per serving: 400 Cal,…