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176 lbs
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Caryn F. : lbs lost

I am at my desired weight I plan on staying there!

Caryn was thrilled with the results she saw after being on the Vida180 plan for four months. She had lost 22 lbs and was down to a size 10 pants, The beautician was delighted with her new healthy shape. 22 lbs was not enough, so Caryn remained a loyal member of Vida180, and lost another 12 lbs!? “My BMI is a 21.6, well within normal limits!? The initial weight loss was not that difficult.? It gas been more difficult for me to keep it off.? This was typically the point where I would give up. Having my Nutritionist to keep me on course has really helped! ” reports Caryn.? Read how Vida180 taught Caryn how to hang on for the long haul and stay on track.

While surfing the Internet I found Vida180, I put in a request for the website’s newsletter and was impressed with the content. ? At first I thought there must be some catch.? But after several newsletters I was curious, so I decided to sign up for the program.? I first signed up for three months.? My main motivation to start with Vida180 was my 40th birthday. I wanted to look in the mirror and feel good about what I saw.? I also wanted to be able to fit into the clothes that were in my closet.

I had never weighed 176 lbs before.? My weight was not even that high when I was pregnant.? I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin and did not like to look at myself in the mirror.? During the holiday season came the biggest shock: I tried on my clothes and even a size 16 was too tight!? It was clear to me, that I had to do something.

I have tried so many different diet plans. I tried the cabbage soup, Atkins, Hollywood and GI diets, all without long-term success.? Many of these diets also had one major drawback: they were very expensive.? And I always gained the weight back!? Four years ago, I logged into a diet program where you count points and go to weekly meetings.? I lost 26 lbs and was satisfied.? But I soon stopped complying with the plan and fell into the old behaviors again.

Although my main meals were still relatively wholesome and healthy, my portions were too large.? I was snacking on sweets such as chocolate or gummy bears.? Before long, I began piling on the pounds because I was not monitoring what I ate and was grabbing food throughout the day without any accountability.? Finally I lost interest in the meetings because it was simply too expensive and I could not find time every week.

I was clearly “addicted” and needed to find a more concrete plan. The Vida180 meal plan was easy to follow. I could use ingredients I already had in my pantry. Once a week I print out my plan and I know exactly what I can eat every day.? The flexibility is great since meals can be replaced as desired.? A big advantage is that I never have the feeling of being hungry.? Since I began following the Vida180 diet plan I no longer have intense sugar cravings.


All the dishes I’ve eaten so far were delicious. Since my kids enjoy most of the recipes, I only have to cook once a night. The best part is my entire family is getting healthier.

I particularly like that with the Vida180 plan I can eat almost anything.? Vida180 is hassle free and flexible.? I have been able to integrate eating out with the Vida180 plan.? I do not count every calorie individually, therefore the Vida180 diet is pretty stress free.? Interacting with other members helps me stay honest with myself. When I found myself having difficulty I just had to call or email my Nutritionist for advice. I loved having a real professional at my disposal.

Of course, I feel better about what I see in the mirror.? Before Vida180 I only had two pairs of pants in the closet that fit.? Now, seven pairs fit again, and four are even too big!? I am very proud because I’ve gone from a size 16 to size 10!? Finally, I was excited to buy myself new clothes!? Now I dare to wear figure-hugging clothes and I even bought myself a bikini for my upcoming European trip.? No longer will I have to hide under a towel at the beach or pool.

I reached my first goal of 154 lbs after 4 months.? I then decided on a new goal: 142.? I wanted to take things slowly and not stress myself out.? The strategy worked: I’ve reached my next big goal, the 142 lb mark!? Of course I am realizing that it is hard to keep the weight off.?? Luckily I have the support of the Vida180 Nutritionists to guide me along and keep me in check.? I’m a year in and I have maintained my weight.

I am overjoyed with Vida180! I have recommended Vida180 to all my family and friends. I am very proud and happy to have won the battle against the extra pounds.

Results vary. Typical weight loss on the Vida180 program is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter. Vida180 makes no claim that these results are representative of all participants on the Vida180 Program. Vida180 recommends you consult with a physician before starting a weight-loss program. Individual results will vary.