Finally a Flat stomach – Wear the clothes you’ve always wanted and feel great!

Is there anything more satisfying than a flat stomach? Who wouldn’t want that belly gone and have a slim figure that looks amazing in any shirt and even better in a bikini!

How many crunches and sit-ups does it take to tone your tummy? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Spot fat reduction isn’t possible. That burning sensation you get during training may feel like your muscles are devouring the fat, but muscles don’t work like a charcoal grill.

While exercise is important and can help you look more toned and defined, the truth is you can’t get six-pack abs through exercise alone.

The biggest factor in weight loss is your diet. What you eat has a far greater influence than exercise alone. In the fight for a lean, flat stomach, nutrition accounts for 80% of your results, while only 20% comes from training.

Combine ab workouts with healthy eating to see results

If you want to have a flatter stomach, you can combine exercise with a nutritionally sound diet. But remember you can never exercise off a bad diet! Create a calorie deficit so that you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in. But it’s hard to know exactly what you should eat and when you should eat, that’s the key.

Vida180 takes the guesswork out of dieting. We provide a balanced, science-based diet that helps you perform at your best, feel full and lose weight.

Alexia J. decided to try Vida180. Here’s what she said about the experience.

“I followed my Vida180 personalized diet plan. I felt energized and was able to increase my activity level. Soon the weight started coming off. With every pound I lost, I felt more motivated.” With Vida180, the mother of three has lost an impressive 50 lbs. and couldn’t be happier with her results.

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The Vida180 program works! It’s been proven by countless women and men who’ve lost weight and watched their fat melt away, like butter in a hot frying pan.

Caryn F. said, “Since I lost 22 lbs., I have had to get an entirely new wardrobe. On our last vacation, I finally dared to go to the hotel pool and wear a bikini! It was such a great feeling. For once, I was proud to show off my body. If I can do it, anyone can. Just follow the Vida180 diet, mix in a little exercise, and you’ll soon be seeing results!”

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You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Make positive changes in your dietary habits and lifestyle to see significant and lasting weight loss. Vida180 can guide you every step of the way and help keep you motivated.

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