Alexia J.: 50 lbs lost!
209 lbs
-50 lbs
159 lbs
-50 lbs
Alexia J. lost: 50 lbs

I have regained my momentum

Alexia started her personal weight loss journey at 209 lbs with a BMI of 32, which put her in the obese category!

Thanks to Vida 180 I lost 50 lbs, said Alexia.

“I finally feel comfortable in my own skin,” reported the teacher and mother of three.

Read about her amazing results below.

Alexa’s Story

I had been thin my whole life, but three years ago, I had to start taking medication and quickly gained 50 lbs. Sadly, my metabolism did not return to normal after I stopped taking the medication.


A friend told me about Vida180. She had been losing weight with the Vida180 diet program and was very happy. Grateful for the tip, I signed onto Vida180 that same day.

The Vida180 turned out to be the solution to my weight gain problems.

The Journey

The first week was a little tough, but soon I got used to the lifestyle changes.

When I began to trust the process, my weight began to drop steadily. I did not experience any setbacks, which only fueled my motivation.

I liked that I did not have to spend a lot of time preparing my meal plans for the week. I chose my meals, and the grocery list made it easy for me to buy groceries for the week.

The simplicity of the plan and the recipes made it easier to lose weight. Moreover, the recipes are delicious, family-friendly, and easy to prepare.

My weight loss success motivated me to start exercising. I began by walking whenever I could and taking the stairs instead of elevators. I noticed I was less out of breath thanks to my healthier weight.

I am motivated to continue with Vida180 until I lose my final 10-15 lbs.

I know with the support of the Vida180 Nutritionists and members, I will be successful!