Diet and the yo-yo effect: a vicious circle

What’s the fastest way to lose weight? The logical answer is to stop eating. But is starving yourself really the best strategy, especially if you want to lose the weight permanently?

Metabolism plays a major role in your weight. It’s how your body converts food into energy; energy that your body needs to do everything from moving to thinking. With crash diets that significantly reduce your caloric intake, your metabolism can slow dramatically.

You’ll lose weight quickly so it seems to work in the short term. But when you start eating normally again, the yo-yo effect sets in. Your body clings to every pound and uses the food you eat to replenish the emptied fat deposits. The result: your weight goes back up and so does your level of frustration!

With Vida180 plans, the yo-yo effect won’t occur. Our balanced mixed diet plans are designed to help you lose weight gradually, safely and permanently! With 3 main meals and 2 snacks, which are put together according to the balanced mixed diet principle, you can eat your fill and still lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Start your free diet analysis now!

Why a balanced mixed diet is best

If you want to keep your metabolism humming right along and have energy to get through your day, cut calories the sensible way. A balanced mixed diet from a wide range of foods is a healthy strategy for losing weight permanently.

When you eat the right nutrients in sufficient quantities to support your daily lifestyle, the pounds will melt off, and your lower weight will soon become your new normal.

The real secret to permanent weight loss success is a sensible change in diet. It’s a lifestyle change that promotes good health.

At Vida180, we create diet plans that include fruit, vegetables, filling whole grains and low-fat dairy products. We also mix in low-fat fish, meat and legumes. Wholesome foods form the basis of a balanced mixed diet that keeps you looking and feeling your very best.

Balanced mixed diet: Getting started

Because every person is different, finding the right diet and caloric consumption varies. At Vida180, we conduct an extensive diet analysis at the beginning of the program to determine how many calories you should eat to achieve optimal weight loss. This number gives you a benchmark to use in choosing the foods and quantity you should consume.

The diet plan we then create eliminates the challenge of having to count calories for every meal. You’ll make smart, healthy food choices and avoid overeating. Follow the plan and you’ll soon see results!

Advantages of a balanced mixed diet

  • No starving. Eat 3 regular meals per day and healthy snacks as needed. You’ll feel energized throughout the day and sufficiently full to overcome your cravings and the desire to overeat.
  • Moderate weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per week. That’s the a healthy way to lose weight and allow your body to adjust to its new normal, thus reducing risk of the yo-yo effect.
  • No extra cooking. The foods we recommend are those that any family member can eat and enjoy. Our diets are suitable for everyday use by everyone so you don’t have to cook different entrees for each meal.
  • Delicious recipes. You can eat right and feel satisfied. We have plenty of healthy, tasty recipes that you and your family will love.
  • Don’t give up socializing. Going to lunch with friends? Taking the family out for a nice meal at a local restaurant? You’ll know how to select foods on the menu that stay within your balanced mixed diet plan.
  • No long prohibited lists. Other diets eliminate many foods and greatly restrict what you can eat. That’s difficult to maintain. Vida180’s balanced mixed diet incorporates a myriad of different foods so you never get bored. Best of all, you can still enjoy your favorite foods but in moderation.
  • Accommodates individual dietary requirements. A balanced mixed diet can be designed to meet your personal preferences whether you’re a vegetarian or vegan, keep kosher, prefer a fish-free or pork-free (halal) variant, choose to be gluten free, or you have lactose intolerance to dairy products.
  • Feasible in the long term. A balanced mixed diet is sustainable and practical for nutrition, food shopping, and time required for meal preparation.
  • Low financial outlay. You buy only healthy, ordinary food that you can find in any grocery store. No special ordering of costly diet products such as powders, capsules, bars or prepared meals.
  • Personal satisfaction. Get used to eating a balanced mixed diet and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll optimize your physical and mental well-being. You’ll gain self-confidence, feel energized, and know you’ve made the positive changes you needed to in your life. You can do it!

Do you feel like losing weight the healthy way? Join today and have your personal,
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