Easy Food Substitutions You Will Love!

Follow this easy guide to swap out unhealthy choices with more nutritious selections.

Instead Of


Dairy Aisle

Butter or hydrogenated margarine Trans fat-free butter or margarine substitutes
Regular cheddar cheese, whole-fat mozzarella cheese, cream cheese 2% cheddar cheese, part-skim mozzarella cheese
Mayonnaise or sour cream Plain or Greek yogurt
Whipped cream Chilled and whipped evaporated low fat or fat-free milk
Whole milk ricotta cheese Low-fat ricotta or whipped tofu
Whole milk Low fat milk

Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Oil-packed tuna Water-packed tuna or salmon
Salami, pastrami, bologna Lean roast beef or turkey deli meat
Chicken thigh Chicken breast
Fish sticks Bread your own fish with whole-wheat bread crumbs, olive oil, and lemon juice, then air or oven fry
Regular bacon Canadian bacon, turkey bacon, or soy bacon
Regular ground beef Extra-lean ground beef, lean ground white meat turkey or chicken
Pork or Beef sausage Turkey or chicken sausage
Porterhouse steak or chuck Beef tenderloin or top round
Pork chops Pork tenderloin

Convenience/Take Out Food

Cream-based soup Vegetable or broth-based soup
White rice Brown rice or quinoa
Egg rolls Steamed vegetable dumplings
Sour cream or cheese on nachos or baked potatoes Salsa or low-fat sour cream, Greek yogurt
White sauce Red sauce
Pasta sauce containing sausage or cheese, or cream-based sauces Marinara sauce or tomato sauce.

Snacks and Desserts

Potato and tortilla chips Baked potato or tortilla chips
Fruit juice Fresh fruit
Ice cream Frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet
Ice cream bar Portion controlled low-calorie ice cream treats
Pound cake with strawberries Angel food cake with strawberries
Prepared potato-chip dip Fat-free sour cream and onion soup mix
Prepared chocolate-cream pie Chocolate pudding made with skim milk in a graham- cracker crust, topped with low-fat whipped cream
Shortening in pie crust recipes Nonfat cream cheese and lite trans fat-free spread
Cookies or sweet crackers Flour tortillas coated with nonstick cooking spray and sprinkled with sugar substitute and cinnamon


Coffee creamer Fat-free half-and-half or low-fat milk
Hot chocolate mix Cocoa powder and artificial sweetener
Margaritas, pin? coladas, or daiquiris Gin and tonic, or wine spritzer


Gravy Fat-free broth, thickened with cornstarch
Regular maple syrup Light maple syrup
Hot-fudge ice-cream topping Chocolate syrup

These and other dietitian-approved tips available at Vida180.com. Eating healthy couldn’t get any easier!