Easy Food Substitutions You Will Love!

Follow this easy guide to swap out unhealthy choices with more nutritious selections.

Instead Of


Dairy Aisle

Butter or hydrogenated margarineTrans fat-free butter or margarine substitutes
Regular cheddar cheese, whole-fat mozzarella cheese, cream cheese2% cheddar cheese, part-skim mozzarella cheese
Mayonnaise or sour creamPlain or Greek yogurt
Whipped creamChilled and whipped evaporated low fat or fat-free milk
Whole milk ricotta cheeseLow-fat ricotta or whipped tofu
Whole milkLow fat milk

Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Oil-packed tunaWater-packed tuna or salmon
Salami, pastrami, bolognaLean roast beef or turkey deli meat
Chicken thighChicken breast
Fish sticksBread your own fish with whole-wheat bread crumbs, olive oil, and lemon juice, then air or oven fry
Regular baconCanadian bacon, turkey bacon, or soy bacon
Regular ground beefExtra-lean ground beef, lean ground white meat turkey or chicken
Pork or Beef sausageTurkey or chicken sausage
Porterhouse steak or chuckBeef tenderloin or top round
Pork chopsPork tenderloin

Convenience/Take Out Food

Cream-based soupVegetable or broth-based soup
White riceBrown rice or quinoa
Egg rollsSteamed vegetable dumplings
Sour cream or cheese on nachos or baked potatoesSalsa or low-fat sour cream, Greek yogurt
White sauceRed sauce
Pasta sauce containing sausage or cheese, or cream-based saucesMarinara sauce or tomato sauce.

Snacks and Desserts

Potato and tortilla chipsBaked potato or tortilla chips
Fruit juiceFresh fruit
Ice creamFrozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet
Ice cream barPortion controlled low-calorie ice cream treats
Pound cake with strawberriesAngel food cake with strawberries
Prepared potato-chip dipFat-free sour cream and onion soup mix
Prepared chocolate-cream pieChocolate pudding made with skim milk in a graham- cracker crust, topped with low-fat whipped cream
Shortening in pie crust recipesNonfat cream cheese and lite trans fat-free spread
Cookies or sweet crackersFlour tortillas coated with nonstick cooking spray and sprinkled with sugar substitute and cinnamon


Coffee creamerFat-free half-and-half or low-fat milk
Hot chocolate mixCocoa powder and artificial sweetener
Margaritas, pin? coladas, or daiquirisGin and tonic, or wine spritzer


GravyFat-free broth, thickened with cornstarch
Regular maple syrupLight maple syrup
Hot-fudge ice-cream toppingChocolate syrup

These and other dietitian-approved tips available at Vida180.com. Eating healthy couldn’t get any easier!