Who Says You Can’t Afford a Private Nutritionist?

Money affords the wealthy any professional services they desire to look their very best. Most have personal nutritionists and dietitians at their beck and call. But why should this service be exclusive to the rich and famous? Ever wish you could afford the same luxury? Turn your wish into a reality!

At Vida180 having a personal nutritionist is not just for the wealthy. Your Vida180 membership includes access to a qualified licensed nutritionist for all registered family members! Support and guidance is just a phone call away. No limo or mansion required.

Sound nutrition advice everyone can afford

The thought must have crossed your mind: “I could be healthier if only we had access to a personal nutritionist”. While a consult to licensed nutritionist or registered dietitian can run upwards of $125-300 per hour, it is no wonder most people feel a visit is beyond their financial reach.

At Vida180, we feel everyone should be entitled to the professional advice once solely reserved for the wealthy. Support and guidance offered by weight loss professionals is available exclusively to your family at no extra cost!

Our qualified licensed nutritionists are available via phone or email to answer your questions or to provide coaching and advice.

Why a registered dietitian/licensed nutritionist?

Our weight loss specialist are all registered and licensed in accordance with The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Unlike other “free” weight loss sites, Vida180 members have access to registered dietitians and licensed nutritionists included with their plans! Don’t be fooled by so called “nutritionists” or food coaches. Since we only employ professionals who possess the registration and license (RD/LDN) credentials, you are sure to receive the most accurate weight loss information.

Professionally prepared meal plans

All of our meal plans are created by our experienced registered dietitians and licensed nutritionists. Recipes are carefully designed to provide the correct breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Our daily selection of three meals and two snacks are not only delicious, but will keep you satisfied and fuller longer.

Vida180 is not a cookie cutter plan. Each person receives a meal plan tailor with their specific needs in mind. Most of our meals are kid friendly and take your child’s growth into account. No fad diets here! Just solid nutritional advice similar to what the stars pay thousands of dollars for.

So you thought you had to be rich and famous to afford a personal dietitian or nutritionist? Think again! What used to be reserved only for the wealthy, is available exclusively to our Vida180 members. So look, act and feel like a star.

Our qualified nutritionists professionals are just a phone call away. They are eager to answer your questions and get your family started on the road to better health.

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