What is Vida180?

Vida180 is an effective, nutrition-based, weight-loss program that promotes a 180-degree lifestyle change. Since its inception, countless people from all walks of life have lost weight, kept it off, and achieved the lean, healthy bodies they deserve.

At Vida180, we don’t believe in quick fixes or fad diets. Instead, we focus on sustainable weight loss programs that lead to long-term results – results that allow you to live healthy, today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

A Science-Based Program

Developed in Europe and certified by the German healthcare system, Vida180 is a science-based program. It follows the latest guidelines of the DGE, the prestigious German Nutritional Institute known for its reliance on scientific evidence. The institute has an esteemed scientific committee of 31 research scientists and over 4,000 registered dietitians.

Personalized Meal Plans

Vida180 uses science and a team of U.S. based nutritionists and dietitians to design personalized meal plans, complete with delicious, nutritious traditional and ethically-sourced foods. Each meal plan consists of three daily meals and two snacks to allow for efficient yet effortless weight loss.

All you have to do is fill out a free diet analysis and share details on your lifestyle habits and eating preferences. Once you do, you’ll receive a personalized meal plan and grocery list. In addition, you’ll enjoy access to an extensive archive of easy-to-prepare recipes that fit your meal plan. You can even incorporate restaurant and fast food meals, as needed.

The Vida180 Difference

Not only is our program backed by science, it offers incredible flexibility. Our meal plans are not set in stone. You can easily modify them to adapt to your lifestyle and ever-evolving needs. In addition, we don’t insist on a rigorous exercise program because we recognize the challenge this brings to daily life. While an increase in activity level is encouraged for best health, it’s not essential to see results from our program.

Advice from Experts

At the core of the Vida180 program is our online community of experts who provide endless encouragement and support. Vida180’s staff nutritionists and dietitians create the customized meal plans consisting of delicious, nutritious, traditional, and ethically-sourced foods.

The team is overseen by a Doctor in Clinical Nutrition, who is also a Registered Dietitian with credentials from the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialing agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.

You’re always welcome to contact our registered dieticians via phone or email at any time. They’re here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

A Supportive Community

We also encourage you to join our online forum where you can quickly develop an online social network of other Vida180 members. It’s the perfect place to engage in conversation, share photos and progress, celebrate milestones, and stay motivated.

Sustainable Results

Vida180 focuses on long-lasting results. We offer a clear, comprehensive footprint you can use to develop a healthy lifestyle and encourage the people you love to do the same. Once you become a member, you can say goodbye to procrastination, guilt, and yo-yo diets. You’ll open the doors to efficient weight loss and a phenomenal transformation that enhances your overall quality of life. Get ready to lose weight and keep it off…for good!