Celebrate the Holidays One Bite at a Time!

Santa girl with cake

Food is everywhere during the holiday season, making it tough to stick to your healthful eating. With a little attention, however, you can make it through the holidays without losing track of your healthy lifestyle.

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Who Says You Can’t Afford a Private Nutritionist?


Money affords the wealthy any professional services they desire to look their very best. Most have personal nutritionists and dietitians at their beck and call. But why should this service be exclusive to the rich and famous? Ever wish you …

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Eat out and Lose Weight? Absolutely!

fast food and weight loss

With multiple responsibilities weighing down on us, time is limited, it is no wonder that 25% of Americans eat fast food at least once a day. There are good choices that can be made while eating at fast food restaurants. The key is to know what to order.

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Vida180 only Employs Registered and Licensed Dietitians

Registered DIetitians

When looking for a nutrition or weight loss expert it can be confusing at times to determine if that person actually possesses the education necessary to provide proper and safe advice.¬† In some states, it is simple for almost anyone …

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Kid Friendly Snacks


In order for schools to accommodate a growing student population, many children are eating lunch as early as mid morning. It is no wonder they arrive home famished after¬† a long school day. Couple that with a skipped breakfast and …

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Easy Food Substitutions the Family Will Love!


Follow this easy guide to swap out unhealthy choices with more nutritious selections.

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Lunch Box Makeover

Healthy filled lunch box with whole meal bread vegetables and milk

School lunch can be a huge struggle. Parents go to great effort to pack a healthy lunch, while children just want a lunch they love. It is easy to assume that the meal that is sent to school, will be …

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Eating your Way to a Healthier Heart


Maintaining a low fat diet can conjure up images of dry grilled chicken breasts and broiled fish topped with a slice of lemon for flavoring. However, this does not have to be the case. When we look across the globe; …

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Lose Weight as a Family!


Starting a weight lose program can feel like a daunting process. It can be difficult to find the motivation to change lifestyle, behaviors and habits. This is especially true where children and teens are concerned. Having family members to support …

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A Little Bit of Planning Goes a Long Way!

A little planning goes a long way!

Life can throw us curveballs. The mad morning rush leaves you stressed and starved. You grab whatever is available. Negative thoughts creep in “the day is ruined anyway, I will go start my diet tomorrow.” Where did it all go so wrong? Preplanning is the key to success. These helpful tips and techniques will get you started.

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Fit Food for the Heart

Heart Healthy Oatmeal

Spring feelings and being in love, touch the heart. A healthy lifestyle will strengthen your vital organ. These foods are particularly heart-friendly…

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Good Digestion for Good Health!

Flax Seed Fiber

Unfamiliar food, Beverages, or an Unfamiliar Environment… Nothing throws our digestion off track faster! What can we do about it? Here are some secret tips and home recipes that will make you feel normal again:

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