Ronnie S.: 37 lbs lost!
250 lbs
-37 lbs
213 lbs
-37 lbs
Ronnie S. : 37 lbs lost

Ronnie is a real fan of Vida180!

Ronnie joined Vida180 at a weight of 250 lb and a BMI of 32.? He has lost 37 lbs with the help of Vida180.? “I finally found a plan that worked? for me. I am a true Vida180 fan!” said the father of three.? Read how Ronnie reclaimed his life and health…

There were various reasons which prompted me to take the weight off.? I was only 33, yet I was having issues with the discs in my back. I started to feel too fat. I gained? weight simply because I ate to excess and drank too much beer.

I tried different diets and weight loss programs.? After these numerous unsuccessful attempts, I registered with Vida180? on the recommendation of a co-worker.? This was the best decision I ever made!

My wife does most of the cooking.? She was a tremendous support!? She took on cooking the Vida180 recipes for the whole family.? What I liked most about this plan was the lack of daily hunger.?? The food tastes delicious.? I love how I am encouraged to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.? Even though I experienced a few slip-ups,? I remained successful.? The main reason is because Vida180 is a realistic plan.? This makes it easier for the Vida180 members to follow the meal planner.

My back issues have alleviated now that I am lighter and fitter.? My children are thrilled that their Dad can now run and play with them.? I would love to lose a few more pounds using? the Vida180 plan.? I have learned how to eat in moderation and will try to lose the remaining 15 lbs. I recommend the Vida180 plan to everyone.? Vida180 has won a real fan!