Lose Weight as a Family!

Starting a weight lose program can feel like a daunting process. It can be difficult to find the motivation to change lifestyle, behaviors and habits. This is especially true where children and teens are concerned. Having family members to support and share the weight loss process with, greatly increases the likelihood of success. Vida180 helps takes the guesswork out of healthy eating. Our family oriented weight loss plan makes meal preparation and selection easy!

Weight loss should not viewed as a temporary fix. Reaching a healthy weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle while young greatly increases the chance of continuing healthy habits for life. Vida180 registered dietitians are available to support and advise members of all ages.


Parents are role models

Children tend to mimic parental behavior. If parents continually show enthusiasm over lifestyle and behavioral changes, it will send a positive message that children and teenagers will find motivational.
Work together as a team

Involve the entire family in all aspects of healthy living, Giving children the ability to become a part of the decision making will make them more excited to be a part of the process. Be each others cheerleader. Nothing like having your own private cheering section!

Cook and shop as a family
Children can help prepare meals in the kitchen, and assist parents in picking out delicious and nutritious foods at the supermarket. Print out the weekly Vida180 shopping list to make grocery shopping a breeze. Try to introduce a new food or recipe each week. Many parents are shocked to find that their children enjoy foods that were previously on the “I will never try that” list.

Eat meals together

The traditional family dinner has become a thing of the past. Families are moving away from preparing and sitting down to dinner together. However, research has shown a direct correlation between healthy weight and regular family dinners. Aim to eat together at least 3-4 days a week. Vida180 makes it easy with a variety delicious and simple recipes the whole family will love.

Conduct a pantry, freezer and refrigerator makeover

A quick way to sabotage lifestyle changes is to keep unhealthy snacks within easy reach. This includes the food in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Go through the pantry and refrigerator and discard those foods that do not fit within your healthy lifestyle. Include the children by making it a fun game. Substitute unhealthy food with healthier choices. Toss food that contains sugar, high fructose corn syrup and white flour listed as one of the first five ingredients. Substitute with whole grain, high fiber and lower sugar choices.


Remember, the family that loses together will keep it off together! Join Vida180 today and change your lives forever!