Celebrate the Holidays One Bite at a Time!

Food is everywhere during the holiday season, making it tough to stick to your healthful eating plan.? With a little guidance and attention, you can make it through the holidays without losing track of your healthy lifestyle.


Think maintain to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain

The best advice is to change your mindset. Rather than focusing on continuing to lose weight during the holiday season, focus instead on not gaining weight and eating as healthy as possible. Consider yourself successful if you continue to maintain your new lifestyle as well as your weight. Remember-the holiday season should be enjoyable, and food is one of the pleasures of this time of year. Instead of depriving yourself, allow yourself to splurge on those foods that make your holiday season meaningful. Have one cookie, a few potato latkes and try to cut back in other ways. Moderation is the key to maintaining healthy habits even in the face of temptation.


Safely navigate holiday parties

There are many ways to keep your calorie intake under control during the festivities. These dietitian approved tips will help you navigate even the most delectable party spread!


  • Survey the entire table before you take any food. Decide what dishes are worth eating and what can be ignored, and then stick to that decision. Why waste calories on foods that are not your favorites?
  • Eat a snack before you leave home. If you arrive at a party starving, you?ll be more likely to overindulge.
  • Avoid drinking your calories.? Stick to lower calorie or calorie-free drinks? such as diet sodas, water, light beer or wine spritzer. Punch, eggnog and mixed drinks can contain up to 500 calories per cup.
  • Sip a large glass of water between every alcoholic drink or non-alcoholic punch or eggnog. This will help keep you hydrated and you?ll drink fewer calories by the end of the night.
  • When you are the host or hostess, include nutritious and lower-calorie foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats on the menu.? When you are a guest, bring along your favorite lower-calorie dish to share.
  • Try not to hang out near the buffet table.? Find a comfortable spot across the room and focus on those around you rather than the party spread.
  • Watch your portion sizes. Never completely load your plate with food. Try to avoid large plates. If possible choose a smaller dessert plate. The smaller the plate, the more moderate the portion size will be.
  • Drop out of the ?clean plate club?. Leave a few bites behind every time you eat, especially if you are eating something you don?t really care for.
  • Enjoy your favorite holiday treats but take a small portion, eat slowly, and savor the taste and texture of the wonderful foods of the season.


Our registered dietitians are here to provide the support you need to make it through the most harried holiday season! Contact us today!