Brigitte E.: 44 kg weniger
198 kg
-44 kg
154 kg
-44 lbs
Brigitte E. : 44 lbs lost

I feel lighter and happier

Brigitte found the Vida180 website while researching weigh loss programs.? “I had been looking for a diet which fit my needs for a long time.? The results of the diet analysis frightened me into action. Looking at that BMI, it was impossible to deny that I needed help and fast! ” The 46-year full time working mother knew that she had to do something.? ” I saw myself in a bathing suit in a vacation video and was shocked at what I looked like! ” she recalls.? Thanks to Vida180 I have lost 44 lbs.

Viewing myself in a bathing suit during my vacation video really opened my eyes.? I could no longer pretend that I was not overweight and unhealthy.? I was really ashamed!? Finally something clicked in my head and I knew I could not go on like this.? I had to lose weight.? Fortunately, two months later I found Vida180 on the Internet.? I found the program interesting and wanted to give it a try.? It worked immediately, but despite a good start, I hit a rough patch three months later.? I was determined to succeed so I kept going.? That is where my personal Nutritionist came in. She helped me through my difficult time and gave me tips and pointers to get me back on the right path. The other Vida180 members were an amazing support system!? I really enjoyed the forum to catch up with my Vida180 friends.


I had gained weight due to depression, emotional eating, stress and even boredom.? Of course, I have tried many methods of dieting.? I lost weight with all of them, but quickly gained it all back.? Other methods just simply did not work for me and I quickly fell back into my old habits.? With Vida180 I learned to change my behavior permanently. I eventually lost 44 lbs with Vida180.

I find the diet a perfect fit for my lifestyle.? Working full time with a family does not allow for much time to cook and plan meals.? The diet is based on my preferences.? The recipes are all delicious.? My family is enjoying them as well.? I like the option of being able to replace and add to my meals.

Since the I have lost weight, I feel lighter.? I’m happier when I look in the mirror.? I am really enjoying buying new clothes.? I am finally not afraid to wear figure-hugging dresses.? I have already recommended Vida180 to my work colleagues and friends.? The forum is one of my favorite parts of the Vida180 program.? There I always find a sympathetic ear when I am frustrated because the scale is not moving.

I work in the IT industry, that means I work long, stressful? days.? I find I now relieve my stress without turning to food. For the first time ever, I can say, I truly enjoyed losing weight!? I do think one reason is that I don’t feel alone. I have my Nutritionist and y forum friends to help me through the rough patches. I am forever grateful to Vida180 for helping me get my life back!

Results vary. Typical weight loss on the Vida180 program is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter. Vida180 makes no claim that these results are representative of all participants on the Vida180 Program. Vida180 recommends you consult with a physician before starting a weight-loss program. Individual results will vary.