Vida180 is a family weight loss plan based off a proven European program. It operates as a private online social network for families and individuals who are interested in adopting a healthy, nutrition-based lifestyle. For a small, monthly fee, participants have access to registered dietitians, weight management tools, personalized meal plans, recipes with associated grocery lists, and member-operated games, clubs and forums. Listed below are some of the program?s highlights:

Customized Meal Plans

After completing the diet analysis, your family will fill out detailed questionnaires regarding eating preferences and lifestyle habits. Based on the answers, Vida180 provides each family member with a customized meal plan.? The program has great flexibility, allowing families to make modifications to meals and recipes and even incorporating restaurant and fast food if desired.? Your family will learn to eat right.?Instead of chronic yoyo dieting, weight will come off and stay off!

Diet Experts

All participating family members will have access to licensed nutritionists and registered dietitians who can answer questions and provide guidance as each person designs their personal meal plan.

Affordable, Practical Advice

Vida180 doesn?t sell any supplements, shakes or prepared foods.? All food can be purchased at regular grocery stores or even ordered in most restaurants.? It?s a practical plan that offers real food for real people.

Weight Management and Nutrition Tools

Track the foods and calories consumed, learning as you go.? Each family member can chart their personal progress.


You?ll find a large, virtual library of delicious, healthy recipes, which can be customized to personal taste and incorporated into the meal plans. The majority are simple to prepare and kid friendly to meet the needs of even our youngest participants.

Grocery Shopping Planners

After your family has chosen their meal plan and/or specific recipes, they?ll have access to a comprehensive shopping list that can be printed and taken to the grocery store.? It?s so easy!

Support/Private Social Network

A key aspect to the success of its participants is the Vida180 community.? Through this online social network, members can interact with others in games, forums, clubs and much more.

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