Vida180 is the revolutionary, nutrition-based, weight-reduction program that was originally developed in Europe and credited with empowering thousands of people to make a 180-degree lifestyle change for a leaner body and more healthy existence. Expanding on the success of our individual clients, Vida180 created a family plan in an effort to combat pediatric obesity. We believe that the family that lose together, will keep it off together!
Other families have done it.
So can yours!

Vida180 Offers a Simple Solution for Families

How many times have you promised yourself that your family will start eating healthier? Your family will learn how to make smarter foods choices and take a step towards better health.?Eating healthy can seem easier said than done. Half the battle is knowing what really works. Between work, school and extracurricular activities it might seem impossible to incorporate healthy eating habits.

Vida180 makes eating right simple and enjoyable, too. Your family receives a customized program geared to their personal food preferences and body type. The majority of the recipes are not only nutritious, but are kid friendly! No products to buy, no pills to take, no potions to drink. Real food for real families.

Everything is spelled out. Recipes are easy to prepare. The meals are delicious, and all foods come from your regular grocery store. Vida180 adapts to your family.

Contrary to popular thinking, a nutritious diet doesn?t have to be complex. Vida180 understands the challenges today’s busy families face so we have simplified healthy eating, thus enabling your family to lose weight and maintain that loss.

A Science-Based Program

Let?s start with what the program is not. Vida180 is not a fad. It?s not a hyper-restrictive plan that can?t realistically be followed long term. And it?s not a quick fix, although you may be surprised at how soon your family sees results.

It is a scientific program developed in Europe and certified by the German healthcare system. It complies with the latest guidelines of the DGE, the prestigious German Nutritional Institute known for its reliance on hard data and its esteemed scientific committee of 31 research scientists and over 4,000 registered dietitians. Vida180 collaborated with Dietitians from the USA to adapt the plan to work for families and their children.

Vida180 encourages healthy eating and moderation throughout the day. The general recommendation is to eat a total of three meals and two snacks each day to keep blood sugar levels stable. With the correct combination of nutrients in the right portions, the body will gravitate to its lean, natural size.

While other diet programs insist on a rigorous exercise program, Vida180 recognizes the challenge that directive presents to many people. Although an increase in activity level is encouraged for best health, it?s not imperative to see results.


Practical Application of the Program?s Ideals

Vida180 is a program committed to educating its participants, no matter their age. With a better understanding of how and what to eat, they are able to make wise food choices that will result in weight loss and improved health. Children and teens can utilize their newfound knowledge wherever they go; whether it be school, a party or out to dinner.

Participants and their families complete detailed questionnaires regarding their eating habits and food preferences. From their answers, Vida180 provides them with comprehensive meal plans customized to the foods they like and based on their body?s requirements. Participants find they can lose weight without feeling hungry and can eat foods they enjoy.

Additionally, they have access to a large archive of easy-to-prepare recipes that work within their meal plans. They can get grocery lists to print and take with them to the store.

All meals come with a variety of acceptable substitutes and can even include restaurant and fast-food fare. Flexibility keeps the meal plans practical. And simplicity makes healthy eating effortless and enjoyable.


A Supportive Community Is Key

At the core of the Vida180 program is the online community of experts and like-minded participants who provide each other with encouragement and support.

Vida180 registered dietitians are available by phone and by email to offer professional assistance, answering questions and providing guidance as participants develop new healthy habits.

Additionally, participants quickly develop an online social network of friends in the Vida180 community who keep them motivated through fun challenges, engaging conversation, journaling, forums and even shared photos. That community is also there to celebrate successes as participants reach milestones, encouraging their continued progress.


Long-term Success Is the Goal

Vida180 is a program focused on education and support. It?s not a quick fix. And it?s not a short-term solution. Rather, it?s a clear, comprehensive blueprint for developing a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

For participants, it means no more excuses. No more procrastinating. No more guilt. No more marathon workouts that don?t produce results. No more yoyo dieting. No more hating themselves. And no more digging their grave with a fork. Change the bad habits, adopt the good, reap the benefits.
For life!

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