Vida180 empowers families to make a 180-degree lifestyle change for leaner bodies and a healthier existence through a nutrition-based eating program and credited with helping thousands of people.They did it.You can, too!

Key Staff

Registered dietitians, licensed nutritionists, diet experts


Our weight loss program is geared to fit the needs of today’s busy families. We feel that the family that loses together will maintain together! Vida180 teaches healthy eating based on nutrition science, not fads or quick fixes, which produce only short-term, unsustainable results.We provide education about nutrition and highly personalized meal plans to simplify the weight-loss process. Our family oriented weight loss plan makes meal preparation and selection easy! Furthermore, the Vida180 community offers a fun and compassionate environment that supports participants on their journey to a more healthy and happy lifestyle.


Vida180 takes a systematic approach that addresses the most common diet pitfalls: hunger, lack of energy, a slowed metabolic system, and complex expensive meal plans. We offer a sustainable eating plan consisting of a tremendous variety of foods that are nutrient-rich, flavorful, low in calories, easy to prepare and affordable. By eating the correct combination of nutrients in the right portions, the body will gravitate to its correct natural size.Recipes are structured using specific combinations of protein, complex carbohydrates and heart-healthy fat. Typical meals are higher in protein, which will assist participants to lose weight without being sidetracked by hunger.The meal plan is not static. As the participant loses weight, the system adjusts to match a healthy intake. The long-term goal is a maintenance-level intake, which can be fine-tuned as needed. A control bar is automatically unlocked for participants when they get close to their goal. The end result is healthy, steady weight loss that lasts. Vida180 helps takes the guesswork out of healthy eating.


Participants begin the program by answering detailed series of questions about their food preferences and their body?s own requirements. The Vida180 nutritionists use that information to develop customized meal plans that are easily followed ? every detail is spelled out ? and will produce the desired weight loss.Along with the meal plans, participants can access a large, virtual library of Vida180 healthy recipes and associated grocery lists. They eat real food easily found at their local grocery store and don?t have to purchase the expensive boxed meals so many brand-name diet programs require. No need to purchase special food for each family member. Also, while other plans require a rigorous exercise program, Vida180 recognizes the challenge that directive presents to many people. Although an increase in activity level is encouraged for best health, it?s not imperative to see results, and certainly the grueling, marathon workouts often prescribed for dieters are simply not necessary. Vida180 also understands the time limitations most families face. The recipes are simple to prepare and will cater to varied tastes. No need to prepare different meals for each family member!


Program participants have access via phone and email to speak with Vida180 nutrition counselors and registered dietitians who provide guidance in meal planning. They also receive support from the VidaV180 community, an online social network that consists of like-minded people involved in the program. Each family member has their own profile page and virtual wall on which they can write and interact with others. They can also network through forums, clubs, motivational games, journal posts and more.

Program Fees

Families pay a low monthly fee, which will vary slightly based on which payment plan they choose. The pricing is extremely affordable, and Vida180, unlike many other diet programs, does not require the purchase of costly supplements, shakes, prepared meals or other products.

Founder and CEO:Corey Hooperlong-time diet expert andfitness enthusiast:

?Vida180 depends on the people,not vice versa?

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